Site Search Tools, Merchandising And Marketing For E-Commerce Websites
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On-Demand Site Search Tools Integrated With Your Online Marketing

As an online merchant you work hard and invest money to attract visitors to your Web site. You cannot afford to present your products in anything less than the best possible light.

By implementing true e-commerce site search with CyberSiteSearch, you turn your site search functions into a strategic revenue generating and promotional tools with these salient features:

ECommerce Site Search

Your visitors arrive at your Web site looking for products. Use ECommerce site search to show them your products instead of dry, cryptic text links! Allow them to order directly from the search results page. Help them find just the right product using product locators. Up sell, cross sell, promote and merchandize. Gain insight about your customers and learn how to market to them better with our comprehensive reporting tools.
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Fuzzy Site Search
Not all shoppers think alike, and certainly not all shoppers search alike. Users quickly get frustrated and leave a web site if it fails to show products using their terminology. The Fuzzy Site Search features of CyberSiteSearch insure that the usage of plurals, synonyms, similar sounding words, typographical errors, and simple typing mistakes are recognized and compensated for by returning the correct site search results.
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Supercharge Your Google Marketing
Enhance your products’ positioning in Google, Google Base, Froogle, and even Google Maps. Don’t just rely on being found; actively tell Google about each and every one of your products and their attributes. This facilitates inclusion, better positioning, and enhanced visibility for your products, all of which are of the utmost importance for e-commerce success.
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Automated User Generated SEO
CyberSiteSeach can actually increase your web site's search engine visibility and increase its organic traffic. It accomplishes this by means of automatically generated, optimized landing pages that match the site search queries performed by your visitors. It also generates a comprehensive set of product site maps that makes all of your products not just visible, but obvious to any search engine.
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E-Commerce Business Improvement Process
By implementing e-commerce site search, CyberSiteSearch helps your web site visitors rapidly locate and purchase products. But we don't stop there. We leverage your product information, customer purchase data, and search history to enhance you product pages' visibility to search engines. The result is a self-reinforcing process of e-commerce business improvement.
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On-Demand Software Means Fast, Easy Deployment
All of your product data resides on and your visitor’s search queries are processed by our servers. Results are presented in a format compatible with your site. Instead of relying on inaccurate spiders to understand your products, you send us your site’s detailed product data. No software downloads. Nothing to install on your server. Low cost. Low risk. Fast deployment.
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